A Lesion from Rowan

One of the things that I have noted as I look out over the striving of man is that though many aspire and dream only a few ever reach the pinnacle of success. Oh there are many who have reached a certain level of success money, fame, and notoriety but if one looks closer behind-closed-doors is there really a level of wholeness.

What is real success? Some might say that success has to have a variety of definitions because of the many ways people define their values. On the face of it this seems to be valid assumption. But really is this the case? If you take a blow-torch to all the fluff that is out there I think you will only come with one solid thought. Success can really only be defined as ‘being at peace with yourself in that you gave it all had and you achieved your best’.

It not notoriety, wealth, fame, and glamour. These may be the external trappings of success but they are not at the heart of success. To often one can be carried along by the swell of the popular masses. I too must admit that even though I have tried to stand my distance from such emotion I find that I am making judgements along with the crowd.

The level self-driven ingenuity, self motivation that quietly works at the task is not often seen. I’m not saying that most of the people that work conscientiously are not motivated or don’t have ingenuity it is that the number of souls that quietly achieve great things are very far between.

I have sadly witnessed many a ‘wonder product’ not get the moral and financial assistance and go the way of many a project to that great scrap-heap in the sky. I must admit our North Americans are less likely to suffer this that those here in OZ.

All these ramblings here was sparked from several events that have occurred to me this last year. I have been ‘sitting at the feet’ of what some might say is one of the greatest teachers on the Internet. And what has been a startling thing is my whole notion of what Internet Marketing is was upside-down and back-to-front. And what had caused that to be was not seeing that I was being sucked into the common trends and latest tactics that the everyman seems to follow. I thought I was ‘smart’ enough not get caught into all that.

Just week I found a little booklet that my mother gave many years ago which caused me to recall it had been mentioned in one of the training calls I have been listening to. It was mentioned in the context of relentless, focused action and how without these traits being successful in On-line Business is almost if not impossible.

The lesion of Rowan is; if one is not dedicated, self-driven, relentless and committed to the cause of being loyal to those who have the position management or leadership over them then they may as well just sit on their butts and ‘twiddle-their-thumbs. Rowan’s Lesion? It can be found in that ‘little booklet’ which was drafted in an afternoon with little concept of the effect it was to have that has made this book a best seller.

What is the book? A Message to Garcia. Look it up and see what I am so stirred up about. Do we see, Will see, such commitment in our business world today? Here is a link A Message to Garcia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .

I hope that this fires you up as it did me when I read this book again.


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