Stress – The Silent Killer

The Silent Killer that is taking its toll on all of us in our break-neck life style is STRESS.

There is probably not one person in western culture that is not affected by it. Not that it is anything to brag about but I could be one of the best examples of someone that is totally stressed. Even the smallest action I take I can feel the pressure of stress tugging at me. Admittedly I have been diagnosed with several conditions that contribute to the level of stress that affects me but I have also found that the way I face my day can add to or reduce that level of stress.

Do you suffer from stress? I can almost hear thunderous “YES” from the many of readers viewing this blog.

Until recently I thought that stress was something I needed to avoid or shun away from. Yet even though I saw the danger of what stress could do there was some nagging thought that stress was important. “What do you mean?” I hear you say. Well with out some sort of stress we would not be able to stand up. There is a certain amount of tension that is needed for the muscles to work under to hold us upright. I just found that even this was multiplied in my actions to a level that was distressing.

So how is it possible that stress can be of a benefit and not a thing to be avoided? Well we all have heard that we need to exercise more, take a walk, do some form of training to improve our health. Any time that we exercise, put our bodies under some extra pressure so that we can accomplish a little more strength and health we are using stress to get there. In my current business coaching I have come to see there are two different types of stress. These two are what you might say the extremes of stress, distress and eustress.

According to my coach at Simpleology in my current training I am doing Simpleology 103, distress causes negative results (I bet you could have guessed that one), and eustress produces strengthening results. This was a welcome surprise as I had supposed that some ‘stress’ was necessary. So now I’m looking
to decrease the ‘distress’ and increase the ‘eustress’. I am sure with just a little searching on the net one could find much to support this concept but I just hadn’t thought to do the looking. I am so thankful for the teaching of good habits that I am now taking on as part of my daily routine which I have learnt through Simpleology.

May be you also have had some helpful experiences that have given you more of what we all need, a good healthy life. Feel free to add your thoughts here as well.



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